2011 Popular H and M Spring Clothing | FASHION SPRING

Spring has come to around us. And have you prepared new fashionable clothing for your wardrobe? Today, let’s take a look at H&M fashionable spring clothing in 2011.

H&M, is short for Hennes & Mauritz AB, was founded in Sweden in 1947. It has about 1500 exclusive stores in the entire world. The reason why it can overwhelm the European street is that the company holds the philosophy of considering fashion, quality and price together and positive expansion policy.

H&M compares fashion to perishable foods and thinks that company must maintain its refreshment. So, it strives to reduce inventory goods and continuously makes new arrival. The fresh ideas are applied to clothing that can become fashionable dresses.

In this season, the styles in the 70s become a focus. These clothing are beautiful in colors, exquisite clipping techniques and charm slender shape. And H&M keeps on adopting environmental protection materials that are organic fiber and regenerated fiber, paying more attention to fashionable designs so as to make out boutique and classic clothing.

The designer Ann-Sofie Johansson states that clothing in the season are not surprising changes and you can match them with your last season dresses.

White and cream-color clothing are classic styles for spring. They give you a pure and nature feeling. The white dress can shape your slender stature with its drooping cloth so that makes an elegant feeling. The cream-colored skirt also can show you stature and it gives you a feeling of gentle. The two styles can be matched white or cream-colored jewelry so that you can in a natural state.

One-piece dress are in unique styles. And they seem that are filled with women special charm. The dresses in this season are special in their styles. The middle pink strip makes the red dress have a highlight to catch your eyes. The other white dress is unique in the pattern decoration. The designer draws some patterns that are in special ideas so that you can design dress in your own ideas about these decorations.

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