Stunning Spring Suits: Tips for This Season’s Hottest Looks | FASHION SPRING

The right suit has the ability to transform your average, everyday Joe into the epitome of success, sophistication, and taste. Let’s face it, though: suits are rather warm to wear and in the springtime and summer it can seem like self-inflicted torture to pull that jacket on over a long sleeve shirt and then top it off with a noose around your neck. Fortunately for you, and men everywhere, spring suits are out there that allow you to have all of the advantages of wearing a suit, but with far more comfort than you’ve come to expect out of them in warmer weather.

Cool Spring Suits: Get the Right Material

As much as we love the look and feel of wool, it oftentimes isn’t the best material for spring suits. There are exceptions, of course, such as a wool-mohair blended with silk, but most men will find that they are more comfortable wearing a cotton suit in warmer weather. While some are 100 percent cotton and others contain a blend of silk or other material, the idea is to choose a fabric that is breathable and keeps moisture away from the body. Cotton is an excellent choice for both purposes. Stick with cotton shirts and silk ties for a polished look that is also more than tolerable to wear.

Fashionable Spring Suits: Playing With Color

Spring brings with it the wonderful ability to experiment with different colors for your suit wardrobe. While you wouldn’t begin to think of choosing a powder blue suit in the dead of winter, this is a very viable option for the warmer months of spring. If, however, you don’t feel particularly adventurous with your suit body, there is always the option of experimenting with different color combinations with regard to your shirt and tie.

For example, you might choose to pair a light grey suit with a baby blue or sage cotton shirt. Cream colored suits also give you the ability to use virtually any color shirt without the fear of mismatching. Do be careful, however, to make sure the tie you choose to wear complements both the suit and the color of the shirt, otherwise you will appear as though you have no fashion sense whatsoever.

Casual Spring Suits: Bridging the Chasm from Work to Play

Spring also brings with it the ability to get away with slightly less formal attire at the office. In other words, on days that you don’t have important meetings but still need to look like you are put together, you can use a basic suit as a base and then pair it with colorful v-neck shirts sans the tie.

Alternatively, you can keep the dress shirt, tie, and slacks, but ditch the jacket. This will give you the appearance of being the hardworking businessman who cares about his look but who is also very much concerned with taking care of business. Not to mention, this semi-business/semi-casual look is one of this spring’s hottest, so go ahead and have fun with it!

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